The Funky Sessions DJ mixes

P-Nut, Roger P, Perfection and AMC

Back to the front door...

Have a listen to these numbers that we've mixed together over the years (MP3z ONLY!) on the 1's and 2's (latest first).

If you are on an iOS device, you can download the music by clicking on the Download links below and then the share icon within Safari () and scroll to Save To Files where you can select where to save it. Otherwise on a computer, right click on the Download link and select Save Link As.

Three current rigs in use:

  1. Permanent: x2 Technics 1210 Mk2s, Denon DN-D4000 dual CD decks, Behringer DDM4000 mixer, MacBook Pro (2.8Ghz i7, 16Gb RAM, 1Tb SSD, OSX 12), Traktor Pro 3 with an Audio 8 DJ sound card. I use the Technics for mixing and the Denons for sampling / 3 or 4 track mixes.
  2. Portable (being phased out as the controller is EoL): Traktor Kontrol S4 for taking on the road.
  3. Portable (new updated setup): Virtual DJ with Pioneer DDJ-FLX10 and external mixer for taking on the road.


Putting some house party mixes up for listening:

I put together sets for my local OrangeTheory studio for speciality classes - great for any workout!
Have been recording some more mainstream house party style mixes for different events. You can take a listen to them in their own section:
Back in the mid-2000s, I used to hire out bars to celebrate St. George's Day for ex-pats in NYC. Here are some of compilations used over the years:

I've decided to take on a new persona, P-Nut:

Summer Mix - 2016
(320Kb/s - 153min, 368Mb)
Funky Sessions - May 2013
(239Kb/s - 76min, 131Mb)
The Prodigy Mini Mix - January 2012
(239Kb/s - 12min, 21Mb)
New York, New York (CD1 - Funky) - January 2010
(243Kb/s - 70min, 121Mb)
New York, New York (CD3 - Late Night) - January 2010
(239Kb/s - 73min, 124Mb)

A.M.C. has made his first mix in a while and am delighted to share it.
His other mixes are also listed below:

Tech House Mix - January 2010
(247Kb/s - 65min, 114Mb)
Horny House - July 2002
(160Kb/s - 75min, 90Mb)

The mixes below are under the name Roger P:

Drum & Bass Mini mix - New Years Eve 2007
(216Kb/s - 23min, 37Mb)
Funky Sessions Demo - July 2005
(220Kb/s - 33min, 54Mb)
Phunky Sessions 1 - September 2004
(184Kb/s - 79min, 109Mb)
Ka Original Mix Competition - August 2002
(160Kb/s - 30min, 37Mb)
Horny House - March 2002
(160Kb/s - 73min, 90Mb)
Beach House - July 2000
(160Kb/s - 74min, 90Mb)
download | tracklisting
The Harder Side of House - June 2000
(160Kb/s - 72min, 89Mb)
download | tracklisting
Funky House - May 2000
(160Kb/s - 72min, 89Mb)
Funky House - Jan 2000
(160Kb/s - 73min, 88Mb)
download | tracklisting
Trance Demo - Jun 1999
(128Kb/s - 24min, 24Mb)
download | tracklisting
Funky House Demo - Jun 1999
(128Kb/s - 23min, 23Mb)
download | tracklisting
Live at The Venue (b4 Alex P) - April 1999
(128Kb/s - 66min, 63Mb)
download | tracklisting
Live at The Venue - Mar 1999
(128Kb/s - 73min, 71Mb)
download | tracklisting
Live at The Venue (b4 Judge Jules) - Feb 1999
(128Kb/s - 74min, 71Mb)

Before Roger P... my DJ name was Perfection:

Summer Soundtrack (disc 1) - July 1998
(160Kb/s - 72min, 47Mb)
Summer Soundtrack (disc 2) - July 1998
(160Kb/s - 67min, 44Mb)
Funky Grooves - April 1998
Apologies for the screw up in the mix around the Z Factor track - one of my first mixes :-)
(128Kb/s - 43min, 39Mb)
Uplifting House Side 1 - March 1998
This was pulled from a tape so the quality isn't as good as the rest.
(128Kb/s - 45min, 44Mb)
Uplifting House Side 2 - March 1998
This was pulled from a tape so the quality isn't as good as the rest.
(128Kb/s - 47min, 45Mb)
Classic Garage - December 1997
N.B. My one and ONLY garage mix!
(128Kb/s - 45min, 41Mb)