The Funky Sessions DJ mixes

P-Nut, Roger P, Perfection and AMC

Back to the front door...

Have a listen to these numbers that we've mixed together over the years (MP3z ONLY!) on the 1's and 2's (latest first).

Two current rigs in use:

  1. Permanent: x2 Technics 1210 Mk2s, Denon DN-D4000 dual CD decks, Behringer DDM4000 mixer, MacBook Pro (2.8Ghz i7, 16Gb RAM, 1Tb SSD, OSX 11.6), Traktor Pro 3 with an Audio 8 DJ sound card. I use the Technics for mixing and the Denons for sampling / 3 or 4 track mixes.
  2. Portable: Traktor Kontrol S4 for taking on the road :)

Putting some house party mixes up for listening:
Have been recording some more mainstream house party style mixes for different events. You can take a listen to them in their own section:
Back in the mid-2000s, I used to hire out bars to celebrate St. George's Day for ex-pats in NYC. Here are some of compilations used over the years:
I've decided to take on a new persona, P-Nut:
Summer Mix - 2016
!! NEW !!
(320Kb/s - 153min, 368Mb)
Funky Sessions - May 2013
(239Kb/s - 76min, 131Mb)
The Prodigy Mini Mix - January 2012
(239Kb/s - 12min, 21Mb)
New York, New York (CD1 - Funky) - January 2010
(243Kb/s - 70min, 121Mb)
New York, New York (CD3 - Late Night) - January 2010
(239Kb/s - 73min, 124Mb)
A.M.C. has made his first mix in a while and am delighted to share it.
His other mixes are also listed below:
Tech House Mix - January 2010
(247Kb/s - 65min, 114Mb)
Horny House - July 2002
(160Kb/s - 75min, 90Mb)
The mixes below are under the name Roger P:
Drum & Bass Mini mix - New Years Eve 2007
(216Kb/s - 23min, 37Mb)
Funky Sessions Demo - July 2005
(220Kb/s - 33min, 54Mb)
Phunky Sessions 1 - September 2004
(184Kb/s - 79min, 109Mb)
Ka Original Mix Competition - August 2002
(160Kb/s - 30min, 37Mb)
Horny House - March 2002
(160Kb/s - 73min, 90Mb)
Beach House - July 2000
(160Kb/s - 74min, 90Mb)
download | tracklisting
The Harder Side of House - June 2000
(160Kb/s - 72min, 89Mb)
download | tracklisting
Funky House - May 2000
(160Kb/s - 72min, 89Mb)
Funky House - Jan 2000
(160Kb/s - 73min, 88Mb)
download | tracklisting
Trance Demo - Jun 1999
(128Kb/s - 24min, 24Mb)
download | tracklisting
Funky House Demo - Jun 1999
(128Kb/s - 23min, 23Mb)
download | tracklisting
Live at The Venue (b4 Alex P) - April 1999
(128Kb/s - 66min, 63Mb)
download | tracklisting
Live at The Venue - Mar 1999
(128Kb/s - 73min, 71Mb)
download | tracklisting
Live at The Venue (b4 Judge Jules) - Feb 1999
(128Kb/s - 74min, 71Mb)
Before Roger P... my DJ name was Perfection:
Summer Soundtrack (disc 1) - July 1998
(160Kb/s - 72min, 47Mb)
Summer Soundtrack (disc 2) - July 1998
(160Kb/s - 67min, 44Mb)
Funky Grooves - April 1998
Apologies for the screw up in the mix around the Z Factor track - one of my first mixes :-)
(128Kb/s - 43min, 39Mb)
Uplifting House Side 1 - March 1998
This was pulled from a tape so the quality isn't as good as the rest.
(128Kb/s - 45min, 44Mb)
Uplifting House Side 2 - March 1998
This was pulled from a tape so the quality isn't as good as the rest.
(128Kb/s - 47min, 45Mb)
Classic Garage - December 1997
N.B. My one and ONLY garage mix!
(128Kb/s - 45min, 41Mb)